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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. tonight at eleven. we're starting off with weather. it's the last weekend of 2012 -- and if you have plans to head out. bundle up! this is a view of the san francisco bay bridge. i'm here with brian at the weather center. brian will it stay this cold for new years eve.? >> i think so. for the next several nights, cold temperatures. in the 20's. 30's, and already it is cold these are the current temperatures. 40's along the bay and look at the temperatures and inland in livermore. 30's in
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fairfield, napa, and 39 degrees. we had a weather system our earlier that brought some of showers. these showers. however, have somewhat anticipated, for now. we will continue to see cold readings with 20's, 30's. and that is representing temperatures into the 20's. 20's already in the forecast for napa. fairfield and mid upper 30's by the bay and low 40's for san francisco. when we could have some slightly warmer weather on the way. >> an arrest has been made in connection to a deadly home invasion that took place in monte sereno. you are looking at video from the scene of the crime. sacramento police arrested de-angelo austin on suspicion of murder earlier
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today. he is the fourth person arrested in connection with the murder of 66 year old silicon valley venture capitolist - raveesh kumar kumra. the break in also left kumra's wife injured. los gatos-monte sereno police say the act was probably not a random one. now investigators are focusing on possible connections a suspect or suspects may have had to the victim's house. more than 40 people are homeless tonight after a three alarm fire broke out in san francisco this morning. three buildings at 23rd and capp streets in the mission district of san francisco were heavily damaged. the fire department says it started just after 9-30. 10 families. a total of 43 people are displaced. including four children. there were no injuries. but all three buildings received hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. the people who live in the buildings were allowed inside shortly after the fire was out. to grab some of their personal belongings. >> people were able to get their personal pets and a
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salvage their belongings but it is pretty devastating for this time of year. >> i am glad that nobody was injured. and this is just a material loss. so it will work out. happy new year to everybody. >> the fire department says it has narrowed down where the fire started. at this point, investigators say the fire does not look suspicious. but the cause is still under investigation. >> dozens held candles and sang songs tonight. in memory of a 22-year old hairdresser shot and killed by the walnut creek police earlier this week. kron four's philippe djegal was there. he spoke to family and friends still in disbelief. >> it is difficult to get through, we are trying to get through this. >> reporter: a teary eyed marvin banta driving in from up north to memorialize his grandson. 22-year-old anthony banta. while at the same time wondering how this could be. he says banta was not a violent person. >> i do nothing that he was ever in a fight in his life
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he and his brother recall captains for the rest in a team of of the wrestling team. there were both-co captains. i do not know how anybody could have taken his life. >> reporter: banta was a stylist at the hair salon where the vigil was held. the owners say they've shed a lot of tears since the shooting. >> he was extremely gentle and kind. >> hihe is irreplaceable. you cannot find people like that. >> reporter: early thursday morning, police responded to a 9-11 call at the diablo pointe appartments in walnut creek. when they arrived, police say they were forced to shoot banta. beyond that. no explaination as to why officers had to open fire. >> he really had his head on straight i do not know what happened that night. but i think the outcome could have mad been much different. they could have-possibly had
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a different outcome >> reporter: in a written statement, the banta family says quote our thoughts and prayers are with the peace officers who pulled their triggers and their families. may they find peace and god bless. in walnut creek, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> authorities have released the names of a father and son who died after they were swept into the water while fishing near the golden gate bridge 37-year-old juan escamillo- rojas and nine-year-old juan carlos escamillo-monroy died after waves pulled them into the water last night. the father and son were fishing near the marin headlands. a fireboat crew pulled the two from the water, but they were both pronounced dead. another adult was also swept into the ocean, but survived. >> chevron has received the okay to move forward with plans to repair the crude unit that burst into flames at its richmond refinery in august. it sent a huge fireball into the air. and sent thousands of people to local hospitals. as kron 4's dan kerman reports - chevron will be able to use a type of pipe that has created a lot of controversy. issued 122812 >> reporter: nearly 5 months after a pipe rupture created a fireball above chevron's
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richmond refinery sending thousands to area hospitals, the oil giant has been given the ok to rebuild crude unit number 4 and replace the pipe that ruptured with one made of 9-percent chromium steel the chemical safety board had questioned why chevron was not using stainless steel with 18% chromium. suggesting it was the industry standard and better to withstand corrosion which is believed to be the cause of august's pipe rupture but in this letter to the richmond city council, city manager bill lindsay says two outside consultants have concluded that using a 9 chrome represents an "inherently safer design" than other available materials. it was that determination that lead to the permits being issued the chemical safety board said it "will not endorse or object to that decision." city councilman tom butt said he believes this time chevron covered all their bases" and said ultimately
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no pipe will last forever which his why they must be rigously inspected on a regualr basis as for chevron, the oil giants says its please the city has issued the permits so they can proceed with the repairs and get back to full production chevron hopes to have repairs completed by the first quarter of next year. it could be up and running by the beginning of april. dan kerman kron 4 >> more than 800 new laws are set to take effect at the start of the new year in california. kron four's philippe djegal took at look -- and has some highlights. tougher guidelines for red- light cameras. it will be required that signs warning drivers that cameras are watching must be posted within 200 feet of the light. at the same time, the author of the bill says evidence used from the cameras will not be considered hearsay. murderers given a second chance. senate bill 9 says some prisoners who commited murder as a child could now have a chance of returning to the streets. instead of life without parole.
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some offenders can fight for a new term of 25 years to life. and, drivers licenses for illegals. some 400-thousand undocumented immigrants will be able to apply for a license. this applies to those in a federal program supporting immigrants who came to states as a child and have not broken the law. another bill out of the assembly. gives women greater access to birth control. a-b 23-48 will now allow certified nurses, midwives, nurse practicioners and physician's assistants to prescribe that medication. (cheers & applause) the homeowner bill of rights will also go into affect at the start of the year. it's meant to give homeowners more rights to battle forecloser. this set of bills will restrict dual-track foreclosures. when lenders act like they're working with a borrower to modify a loan, while still moving forward with foreclosure. assemblywoman joan buchanan's bill regarding metal purchases passed. the fine for dealers who knowingly buy metals used at public utlities facilities jumps up big time. now 250-dollars.
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in a few days. four times that amount. to one thousand dollars. another bill makes it illegal for landlords to require tenants to pay their rent online. philippe djegal, kron four news. >> at eight. a multi-million dollar lawsuit. who survived the newtown school shooting. we meet the lawyer who is taking up the case. then. police put up sobriety check points just in time for the new year celebrations. we'll tell you where. plus. a day of celebrations in maine. where we meet the first same-sex couple to married. that's ahead!
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>> police are cracking down on people drinking and getting behind the wheel this holiday weekend. to do so. several departments have set up d- u-i checkpoints throughout the bay area including checkpoints in san rafael, pacifica, san francisco, mountain view and the san jose area. we're learning that the san jose check point is at the
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intersection of san jose avenue and randall street and runs until four a-m tomorrow morning. for those last minute planners. we'll tell you where to go to find some of the hottest parties to ring in the 2013 still looking for a safe way to get around during new years eve? coming up we bring some options to help you get home safe.
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>> democratic and republican leaders are working through the weekend in an effort to keep the country from going over the "fiscal cliff." if they don't reach a compromise by the stroke of midnight on the 31st, a combination of sweeping spending cuts and widespread tax increases will take effect in days. jessica yellin has the >> reporter: in washington, there is still hope a deal can be cut in time to avert the fiscal cliff. on saturday the president was at work here at the white house, but all eyes were up on the senate where negotiators were trading deal points and revenue figures, to try to reach an agreement all sides can stomach. the base line for the president - any bipartisan bill would have to extend unemployment insurance benefits that would affect some two million americans. and it would have to increase taxes on the highest income earners. but negotiators could still work out exactly where those tax increases would hit and whether they would halt an increase in the estate tax. now in case that deal breaks
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down, the president has asked democratic leader harry reid to prepare a separate bill to put on the senate floor. that bill would increase taxes for households that earn 250- thousand dollars or more. now that's a democratic proposal, and you can expect republicans would block it. so rather than thinking of that as a stop-gap measure, think of it as a political move to try to shift the responsibility of failure onto republicans just before the nation reaches the hour of reckoning. jessica yellin >> a connecticut lawyer wants to sue the state over the sandy hook elementary school shooting. irving pinsky says the state failed to provide a safe setting. he's pursuing 100-million dollars in damages on behalf of an unidentified 6- year-old girl who survived the massacre. pinsky says the girl heard gunfire, screaming, and conversations over the intercom and was left with emotional scars. 26 people, including 20 children, were killed at
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the newtown school two weeks ago when 20-year-old adam lanza entered the building and opened fire. former president george h.w. bush's health condition has improved. he's been moved from the intensive care unit to a regular patient room at a hospital in houston. doctors were initially treating him for bronchitis and a cough. he was preparing to go home until he developed a fever and other complications last week. friends say the former president's recovery may have had something to do with a special performance on the phone.from the oak ridge boys, they serenaded him friday at the request of his wife barbara. two men in maine are celebrating their first day as a married couple, after tying the knot in the state's first-ever same-sex marriage ceremony. steven bridges and michael snell were first in line when the doors opened at city hall in portland at midnight. more than two-hundred supporters greeted the
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couple as they came out of the clerk's office. voters in maine approved same-sex marriage at the polls in november, and the law takes effect today. several cities around the state opened at midnight to give couples their first chance to get marriage licenses. to >> there are lots of things to do on new year's eve. and if you haven't decided yet on how to ring in the new year, kron 4's alecia reid shows us a website to find festive parties! fireworks will be ringing in the new year monday night. the ammonite cubs, hotels, there will be different price ranges. -- nightclubs. as usual, symphony hall will be about glamour and elegance. >> wonderfully festive and glamorous it's a masquerade ball. there will be parties and events all over the city to accommodate just about anyone. event planner toby proescher has been in the business for more than a decade.
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>> we set of two parties on the sunday, we set up three on monday. , some are already sold out but some are our party actually has a number of things to choose from - and you can actually call for advice. >> people call in, hey where do i go? i'm 40 with a wife, or i'm 26 and single from nightclubs to hotels to restaurants and cruises you can find different price ranges.and for those who are budget conscious there are deals. >> there are couples discounts, entourage of 5 packages. >> reporter: while people are getting ready for new year's eve, venues are doing the same. some start setting up as early as saturday. >> set up two parties, then if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at m >> reporter: this new year's eve, many of the bay area's transit agencies are offering extended and in some cases free service. kron 4's charles clifford has details. bart is going to extend train service until 3am on new years day. they will also be running additional trains into and out of san francisco to accommodate new years eve crowds. if you want to ride muni, service will be free between 8pm new years eve and 6am new years day. muni will
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also be offering extended metro service and added owl along the peninsula, free rides after 11pm through the end of service. they will also be running four extra trains out of san francisco after midnight to help people get home, the last one will leave at 2:15am or whenever it's full. samtrans will also be offering free rides between 11pm and 2am in the east bay ac transit, will be offering extened service on the broadway shuttle, or "free b". the 1am on new years eve. in the south bay, vta will be offering free and bus lines from 7:00 p.m. monday evening through 3:59 a.m. tuesday morning. they'll also have extended service on several routes. golden gate transit will be running it's normal bus schedule on monday and it's ferries will be on the holiday schedule. and finally, san francisco bay ferry service will be schedule new years eve. now, if you plan to drive years eve keep in mind that because of the fireworks show near the ferry building, there will be traffic delays along the embarcadero between 11pm and 1am in san francisco, charles and if want to avoid the crowds. stay home and tune in to kron's the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. we'll bring you lots of parties - and of course fireworks. it will be hosted by radnich. kron 4's new year's live. starting at 11-30 on new years eve. >> and that is going to beg is the question of what is the weather warning to be like? we could see some showers. and right now, that
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storm on a new year's eve will stay offshore. first, let us take a look at mount ctam it is a clear night with a big, bright moon. still, pretty big for tonight. we will see cold temperatures with the coldest getting to freezing and in the north bay. there could be patches of fog otherwise lots of sunshine and cool temperatures. in the low 50s and on monday things will change. the storm system in the pacific with clouds increasing in just a slight chance for some showers in the evening hours. for the sierras, look for some snow showers and partly cloudy on monday. increasing taxes as we go for the day on tuesday. the satellite, showing that this is out of here. a break for tomorrow with clear skies
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through the pacific. this system will increase on monday but from noon, clear over the bay area. some snow showers over the sierras and it will stay clear for tomorrow night. as a result it is going to be cold with the 20's inland and 30's by the bay. the clouds will increase by 8:00 a.m. monday morning. hi, thin clouds but clouds could it thickened by the afternoon. let's look at the forecast model they are largely over the pacific. at this point it does not look like much is going to come in. however, it quoted track east. attempts, tomorrow, with temperatures in the '50s with -- temperatures tomorrow. 53 degrees. and here is a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay we are
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looking at the clouds for monday with sundrops monday night. sunshine, for peoplthe next chance for showers those look to be light. >> coming up this stanford women's basketball team this is especially bad..... ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ]
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>> in sports. number one ranked stanford women haven't lost at maples pavilion since the but all that's changed today. stanford's impressive 82- game home winning streak in women's basketball has come to a sudden halt. second-ranked u-conn turned the showdown into a mismatch - with a 61-35 victory. the huskies took control early and never looked back. it's the worst cardinal home loss in the tara vanderbuilt era. this is the cardinal's final game before opening the pac-12 conference next weekend in the rocky mountains. >> that is a difficult to teen. team >> it is going to be even colder. with napa, fairfield. look for 30's by the bay. and redwood city,
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42 degrees for san francisco. >> in the meantime, buckle up, snuggle up. have a great night and bundle up.....

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